7th July 1861


A sad scene was witnessed at Scarborough on Sunday. Three men of the 58th regiment went to a rugged and dangerous part of the castle rock, on the north side, to bathe. The place is full of quicksands and the three all fell victims, their bodies being carried away by the tide. The sad event cast a general gloom over the town.


Mr John Blackshaw, MD, aged 50 years, a retired physician of Omega House, Alpha-road, along with a friend, named Flight, drove away from his residence in a chaise drawn by a restive pony. They had scarcely started from the door before the pony became so restless as to alarm Mr Flight and induce him to get out. That gentleman having refused to get into the chaise again, Mr Blackshaw drove on alone, at some speed. About 100 yards distant, he got into a violent collision with a lamppost, was in consequence thrown from the chaise with a fearful violence into the road, and the wheels of a gentleman’s brougham passing at the time ran over his head and body, crushing him in a terrible manner. He was removed to his residence insensible, and remained so until last Thursday, when he died.


On Tuesday evening, an accident of the most lamentable nature happened at Harwich. Mr Garland, the lord of the manor, had offered a handsome silver cup for competition among the members of the Volunteer Artillery, and a meeting with the ordinary carbine took place upon the shore of Dovercourt.

Mr Henry Cox, a young man of 19, and the only son of a highly esteemed widow lady, was of the party. He was ordered to advance in his proper turn but the moment he stepped from the ranks his carbine went off, and he, after springing some height from the ground, fell at the feet of one of his comrades. It is needless to say that the greatest alarm was occasioned.

When he was raised it was discovered that the ball had entered his neck immediately behind the right ear and escaped through the back part of the skull, which was frightfully shattered. Death had been instantaneous. The body was removed to a farmhouse nearby.

The cause of this melancholy occurrence has not been definitively ascertained, but it is conjectured that the young man, who was firing for the first time, had imprudently brought his firelock up to full cock before the proper time and touched the trigger with his trowsers.


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