26th May 1861


On Monday morning, as a lady and gentleman, whose names it is unnecessary to mention, were walking together along Tyrrel street, Bradford, John Rhodes, aged fourteen, an errand boy of a hatter in the Kirkgate, accidentally got his right foot entangled in the lower bar of the lady’s crinoline. The consequence was that he fell into a channel at the edge of the causeway, and his ankle was broken by the kerb-stone.

Another accident, attended with serious consequences to a poor man named John Wright, nearly sixty years of age, occurred in the Sheffield vegetable market, on Tuesday evening. That portion of the market where fruit and vegetables are sold is higher than the rest of the road, and as Wright was passing near the edge, a lady in a capacious robe which is now so fashionable, swept past him and unfortunately entangled the nails of his homely boots in the meshes of her crinoline, which threw him down the incline.

Assistance was procured, but the poor man was found unable to rise. He was conveyed to the hospital. He had sustained a severe fracture of both bones of his left leg, which were nearly protruding through the skin when he reached the institution.


Thursday evening, a painful inquiry was held respecting the death of Phoebe Grinley, aged 22 years, who died from the mortal effects of fire under very distressing circumstances.

The deceased was of weak intellect and subject to fits. On Tuesday evening last, the deceased was left alone in the kitchen for a short time, when two of the lodgers where the deceased resided, No 8 Somerset street, high street, Whitechapel, heard loud screams.

They ran into the passage and met the deceased running, enveloped in a mass of flame, to the sitting room.

By the aid of blankets, the burning dress was extinguished, but not before the deceased was fearfully blackened and blistered by the action of the fire. Her injuries were of such a character that she expired in four hours.

The deceased’s dress was ignited by being extended by a crinoline petticoat. A juror observed that the practice of wearing crinoline notwithstanding all the calamities it had caused was disgraceful.


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