28th April 1861


Several arrests have taken plane at Warsaw in consequence of the singing of patriotic songs in the churches.

In the manufacturing town of Lodz the German manufacturers broke into the houses of their Jewish competitors, on the night of the 21st inst, and entirely demolished their factories.

The peasants in the immediate neighbourhood came to the assistance of the Jews, and a bloody conflict ensued. One person was killed and many were wounded.


Considerable disturbance and excitement mention occurred in Mazagan on the day after Good Friday.

The Roman Catholics of the lower order determined to enjoy the pious amusement appropriate to the day, of hanging and afterwards burning and dismembering stuffed figures representing Judas Iscariot.

Unfortunately, they dressed their figures as Jews with flowing beards, which costume, however historically correct, could not fail to be viewed as an insult by the Jewish population of the town.

The Jews collected in great numbers, and demanded that the figures should be removed. Failing in their request, they assaulted with stones the house from which one of the figures was suspended. This led to the Moorish soldiery being called out, by whom the crowd was quickly dispersed and order restored.

The Moorish population, we are told, entered into the amusement with the most exuberant joy, following the mock Judas, who was paraded on an ass through the streets, and yelling with delight when a leg or an arm of the supposed Jew was shot away.


Authentic letters from Wilna, which have reached the metropolis, give a detailed account of an awful calamity which has befallen the Jews of a whole district, in the District of Kowno. The particulars are these:—

Last January, a little peasant girl, of the village of Schawlan, was missed. Suddenly the report was spread that the child had been kidnapped by the Jews, in order to make use of its blood in the Passover ceremonies. A judicial inquiry was at once instituted, the houses of the neighbouring Jews were thoroughly searched, but no trace of the girl could be discovered.

A month afterwards her body was found under a mass of snow, which had begun to melt.

The village priest then preached in the church that the Jews, after having drawn the blood from the child, had buried the corpse in the snow. The proprietor of the estate, equaling the priest in fanaticism, made the same assertion.

The excitement of the ignorant peasantry against the unfortunate Jews thus spread farther daily, and at last grew to such intensity that it became really furious. All intercourse with the Jews of the whole district was cut off, and any Jew that dared to show himself in the street was assailed with hatchets. Moreover, the leading Jews of Schawlan were at once thrown into prison, there to await their trial as murderers.

As is usual at such times of excitement, an informer, who had witnessed all the proceedings of the alleged crime, was not wanting. A worthless individual, a Jew by birth, and a thief by profession, who had just been discharged from gaol, came forward, stating that he was present when the Jew slaughtered the girl, and caught up her blood, and even named all the individuals who participated in the atrocity.

When this terrible news reached Wilna, the capital of the province, the Governor General Nasimow, a truly humane and enlightened gentleman, at once dispatched Count Tolstoi, accompanied by an intelligent Hebrew, to the spot, in order to inquire into the subject, and there can be no doubt but that the Russian authorities will thoroughly sift the matter. But the course of justice is naturally slow, the conspiracy against the Jews widespread, and the rage of the peasants ungovernable.

The sufferings of the Jews at this moment, from popular fanaticism, are truly awful. Nothing but the prompt and efficient protection of the Government can save them from impending destruction.


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