10th February 1861


During the procession of Her Majesty to open Parliament on Tuesday, a man named Mahomet Ali Shan attempted to thrust a petition into the royal carriage at the corner of Parliament street. He was prevented, however, by the Prince Consort, who pushed him on one side, then he cut his throat with a clasp knife. He was at once taken to the station house. He is evidently a lunatic.

After opening Parliament, her Majesty and the Court went to the Adelphi Theatre to see the “Colleen Bawn”.


On Saturday week a charge was brought before the University Court at Cambridge by the Rev Edward Dodd, Fellow of Magdelene and vicar of St Giles’s against the Rev JS Brockhurst, of Emmanuel. The charge was that Mr Brockhurst had violently horsewhipped Mr Dodd outside the hall of his own college. Mr Brockhurst admitted the charge, but justified himself on the ground that he, as an English gentleman and clergyman, had received great provocation from Mr Dodd.

Mr Brockhurst entered into a long defence. Said he, “Mr Reyner, of St Julius’s, with whom I was dining one day, informed me that a Fellow at Magdelene had actually omitted from the grace the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and had said, when asked for his reason, that that it was on account of the presence of a Jew at the table. But Christ died for all men, and I say that the man who would omit the name of Christ in asking a blessing on a college dinner must be lost indeed. When I found out that the omission was made to please a wealthy fellow commoner, I felt that matters had reached a point that a man, feeling the veneration I do for the Lord Jesus Christ, must take notice of. Accordingly, I called on the Vice-Chancellor. I stated that exposure was merited for this blot of leprosy on the Christian Church. The Vice-Chancellor recommended a quiet method of agreement but I said, ‘We require that an apology be drawn up which will meet the gravity of the offence and that it be sent to the Queen, as the head of the Church on earth, and who I hope will pardon the offender.’”

Mr Brockhurst added that, on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor, he called on the supposed culprit, who denied ever having committed the offence. Upon this, Mr Brockhurst appears to have taken his determination. He procured a horsewhip, sent for Mr Dodd, called him by anything but euphonious names, and horsewhipped him violently in the presence of the college servants.

The Vice-Chancellor ruled that Mr Brockhurst, having violated the statutes of the University by disgraceful conduct, be suspended from all his degrees for the period of four years.

Mr Brockhurst has written a book on the subject of the Jews, denying their right to be part of the Legislature.


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