3rd February 1861


Another fatal accident, caused by wearing crinoline, took place a few days ago at Hyeres. Mdme Mausilier, a lady residing in that place, having approached the chimney to arrange the timepiece, her dress caught fire, and although prompt assistance was given, she was so severely burnt that she died on the following day.


A frightful crime of this nature has been committed at Coventry by a man named Fawson, a butcher, whose shop was at Hill-fields, a low district of that town.

He and his wife had quarrelled and separated, but they had recently become reunited. The two appear to have retired to bed about their usual hour on Monday night. Nothing was heard of them in the morning, and their shop remained closed. Ten o’clock passed, and, the house still remaining closed, it was resolved to form an entrance. This was done, and a terrible spectacle presented itself.

The bedstead and bedding, the ceiling and the floor, were all besmeared and bespattered with blood. The wretched man Fawson lay “doubled up” at the foot of the bed, his throat cut, stabbed in the breast, and his brains scattered about him.

It is evident that, in the heat of his passion, he cut and stabbed himself in ineffectual efforts to destroy life, and then, being unable to despatch himself so quickly as he wished with a knife, he went down stairs and procured a gun, with which he returned and shot himself through the head. Both weapons lay near at hand.

On the bed lay the unfortunate woman, his wife, weltering in her blood. Her throat had been cut in a most determined and effectual manner—it will be remembered that her husband was a butcher by trade. Both were quite dead and cold.


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